Laser Clean ir the only company in Baltic that practises cleaning different surfaces using 200W laser. We offer removal of rust, paint, oils, grease, patina and other excessive upper layers from surfaces of any materials and shapes.

With Laser Clean metal objects, buildings, bridges, tunnels, various parts of equipment, even boats now can be cleaned perfectly without causing any damage to them.

Laser Clean laser cleaning method is without chemicals and abrasives as well as it is environmentally friendly. The company has equipment for cleaning both small parts and surfaces and also handling industrial volumes.

We cooperate with state and local government entities as well as offer laser cleaning services to everyone else interested.


Removal of rust or oxides, removal of paint from metal, ceramic or other surfaces, cleaning of dust, oils, grease or burnt.

Sparing the surface, we will clean from rust, dirt and drawings electricity cabinets, bridges, tunnels, buildings, pavements, plastic boats and more.


Surface cleaning

  • dust-free clean
  • very precise
  • without noise
  • contact-free technology
  • easy to use
  • easy to automate
  • safe for any surface
  • unbeated control level
  • no side effects
  • no abrasives or potential hazard
  • suitable for hard-to-reach places or surfaces
  • suitable for use in dangerous areas
  • minimal amount of waste
  • minimal maintenance and quick setup


Compared to more traditional methods, laser cleaning has additional advantages such as option to regulate laser ray width for proper processing of surfaces of different sizes and shapes, as well as there is no physical contact of the cleaning object and laser equipment. This aspect can be really important when processing fragile materials.

Weld joint cleaning

Preparation of welding surfaces and welding are very important processes in the steel manufacturing industry. Preparation of welding surface is an integral part prior to welding and it also can be done by laser cleaning equipment. All oxide (which could reduce the quality of the welded joint) can be removed from aluminium using laser ray. Whereas the burn parts (that arise as a result of welding) can be removed from stainless steel welded joints.