Industrial surface laser cleaning or ablation is manual removal of the cleaning component’s upper surface using laser ray exposure. To clean the surface, a very short laser pulse with high power is directed against it , which processes the surface. Since the basic material does not absorb energy so quickly, it remains intact. This process is repeated until the required depth and area are reached. When absorbing the energy of laser ray, surface coating (paint, oxide, etc.) is heated up very quickly, and as a result the most of the removed material evaporates. Waste that remains as dust particles are collected in the air filtering system.

Adjusting laser ray, its power, wavelength, and pulse length, the amount of material being removed can be accurately controlled. Laser cleaning is equally suitable for quick and deep removal of corrosion, as well as for removing only one thin layer of paint without damaging the base layer.

When operating the cleaning device our specially trained team will assess the thickness of the material and other important parameters in order to spare it as much as possible. Cleaning can be done on both dry and wet surfaces.

Laser Clean, maintaining original condition of parts and object, cleans surfaces from rust, oxide layers, ambient sediments, paints and various stains. For example, a graffiti-marked wall or rusted metal looks like new after laser cleaning, without leaving traces, as it is with other cleaning methods.