Extensive amplitude of use

Laser Clean cleans both small and thin and big and basic objects. For more representative view — with laser cleaning method it is possible to clean printed inscriptions on a soft drink can, keeping it smooth and undamaged. Similarly, laser cleaning is widely applied, for example, to large parts of machinery in commercial printing.

Since no chemical solvents or other consumables are used with laser cleaning, the laser cleaning method is environmentally friendly and safe.

Main advantages:

  • dust-free clean
  • very precise
  • without noise
  • contact-free technology
  • easy to use
  • easy to automate
  • safe for any surface
  • unbeated control level
  • no side effects
  • no abrasives or potential hazard
  • suitable for hard-to-reach places or surfaces
  • suitable for use in dangerous areas
  • minimal amount of waste
  • minimal maintenance and quick setup

Protects surface

Laser cleaning is a unique method whose main advantage is maximum surface preservation. No damage after cleaning material with Laser Clean. For example, in metal cleaning when working with sandblasts, water blasts, or metal balls, surface of material is significantly damaged, waves are formed, material becomes rough. But cleaning with a laser, material returns to its original appearance and looks like new.

Environmentally friendly

Laser cleaning not only preserves a smooth, intact material surface, but also does not create a threat to the environment as dust particles from the cleaning process are sucked into the device.
Similarly, laser cleaning is safe for the person performing the cleaning work. Laser Clean employees work with respirator and goggles.

Minimum pollution

Laser-cleaning technology provides the possibility of working in a sterile environment, as the dirty layer is burned and sucked into the device, therefore not creating a threat to surroundings and not staining spaces where the cleaning works take place. For comparison, when dry ice is applied for cleaning in spaces, dust will stain everything from floor to ceiling, while during laser cleaning the small amount of dust is consumed with a vacuum cleaner. Therefore the space where cleaning is carried out may not be released from people. This is essential, for example, if laser cleaning is intended to be in place of active production.